Clare and Dale Said Goodbye to The Bachelorette in Possibly the Most Anticlimactic Episode Ever

All of Bachelor Nation has been waiting for this episode, the moment of truth for Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette — we just didn’t expect everything else that came along with it. The episode began with the conversation between Chris Harrison and Clare that has been teased since the season began, where the host tells the hairstylist that she just “blew up The Bachelorette.”

The metaphorical detonation was Clare admitting that Dale Moss was the only man she’s interested in and that she’s been falling in love with him since the beginning, which we’ve known since she gave him that first impression rose. While Clare swore to Chris that she had no contact with Dale before the show began, she explained that she had ample time to get to know the former NFL player through his social media during the show’s delay due to COVID-19. Meeting him solidified her feelings and, as Chris and production have obviously noticed, made it impossible for her to give the other men in the house a fair shot. To give Clare the chance to tell Dale her feelings, the two have a private date as Chris breaks the news to the other men that they will be having no group date or rose ceremony — which leaves them to stew in their anxiety as Clare and Dale go on their date.

It’s the first time viewers have seen the pair have an actual conversation together, which is most likely the fault of editing, though, they definitely haven’t had lengthy discussions before, and it’s clear that Clare is really into Dale. Dale is a bit harder to read, but he says all the right things and, at the end of their night, tells Clare that he’s fallen in love with her as well.

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