Corbin Shaw's 'Laws To Live By, Laws To Eat Off' Editions Are For the People

Corbin Shaw is slowly becoming a household name in London’s art scene, and now he follows up on his OOF Gallery exhibition and previous showcases such as “Nowt As Queer As Folk” with two new editions. Titled Laws To Live By, Laws To Eat Off, the editions are Shaw’s first pieces of work made independently from a gallery, a decision that will ring true for the foreseeable future.

Shaw’s work often riffs off the mundanity of life, looking at football culture and traditional rites of passage in the United Kingdom to break down and dissect masculinity, classism and societal norms. It is sayings such as “This Time Next Year We’ll Be Millionaires” and “Where There’s Muck There’s Brass” — both of which form Shaw’s latest editions — that capture the artist’s spirit and aesthetic, one which comments on the working man.

Fittingly, these sayings are hand screen printed onto 30 x 25 cm gingham linen rectangles, itself being a nod to Shaw’s father and the cafe he and his colleagues would gather to discuss life, often speaking about such dreams. In an Instagram post, Shaw says, “I am releasing two brand new works in an attempt to offer a more affordable introduction onto the art ladder. We can’t buy a house can we? So why not invest in some art?”

He adds, “The messages written on these prints were taken from mugs that I would see when visiting my Dad’s firm. I have taken these laws to live by and printed them onto a fabric synonymous with the table cloth that would be at the local worker’s caf where people like my Dad would sit and say these words. Laws to live by, laws to eat off.”

Corbin Shaw’s works are limited to 15 editions each and are to be priced at £200 GBP/$240 USD. The pieces drop on Corbin Shaw’s website at 6 p.m. BST/1 p.m. EST today, Friday 8th July.

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