Did you feel like a fish out of water in your 20s? You need to watch this new Disney+ show

Extraordinary – the new TV series from the people behind Killing Eve – looks witty, cool and relatable AF.  

TV shows are a lot like buses. You wait for (a really excellent) one to come along, and then three pull up at once.

Hot on the heels of The Last Of Us and Happy Valley, then, comes a new TV series by Emma Moran – and it’s all about being young and finding your feet in a confusing world, when all you’ll ever be is ‘ordinary’. It’s also, incidentally, about superpowers (but more on that later).

Here’s what you need to know about Extraordinary.

What’s the plot of Extraordinary?

Anyone who has ever felt like they’re treading water while their friends celebrate dream jobs, big promotions, marriage proposals and new babies will definitely relate to Jen, the painfully self-aware 25-year-old at the centre of Extraordinary.

She works in a fancy dress shop. She has endured bad date after bad date after bad date. And she is sick of being ordinary, in a world where everyone else is (you guessed it) extraordinary – literally. Because, over a decade ago, everyone over the age of 18 gained a unique superpower of their very own. Everyone, that is, except for Jen.

Watch the trailer for Extraordinary below:

Basically, Jen would take any bloody power at this point, and so, despite being armed with nothing but hope in a big, confusing world, our not-yet-superhero begins her journey to find her maybe-superpower.

It serves as an interesting framework for what transpires to be an exploration into the vulnerability that comes with feeling less than the people around you. And the show, despite being first and foremost a comedy, leans hard into that vulnerability, shining a light on grief, loss, family and the complicated friendships we make in our 20s, too.

Who stars in Extraordinary?

Máiréad Tyers takes the lead as Jen, while Siobhán McSweeney stars as her mum, Mary.

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Sofia Oxenham is Carrie – aka Jen’s BFF who can channel the dead – and Bilal Hasna is Kash, Carrie’s long-term boyfriend who isn’t above using his ability to turn back time to, say, undo any minor embarrassments or slip-ups.

Luke Rollason takes on the role of the stray cat harbouring more than a few secrets of his own (yes, really), while Robbie Gee, Safia Oakley-Green and Ned Porteous also lend their talents to this unmissable series.

What are people saying about Extraordinary?

Describing her script as “somewhere between a sitcom and an existential crisis”, Moran explains: “This is a story about real life and real identity crises – it just happens to be set in a world where superpowers exist.”

Extraordinary is a superhero show unlike any other.

McSweeney, meanwhile, has shared her own feelings about the series (which she insists is “not a fucking kids’ show”) with The Guardian, saying: “It’s the story of Jen going through life feeling like a loser because she hasn’t got anything sorted out. She blames it on not having a superpower, but of course everybody feels like that in their 20s. I certainly did. Fuck it, I feel like that in my 40s.”

She adds that “the universal human story of feeling crap and useless” is “really funny; the funniest scripts I’ve read since Derry Girls”.

And Tyers agrees, noting: “I thought the script was hilarious. I felt an affinity with it; I could hear the humour.”

When can we watch Extraordinary?

Extraordinary will be available to stream on Disney+ from 25 January 2023

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