Donald Trump Reportedly Flushed Important Documents Down White House Toilet — And There's Photographic Evidence

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This is the second time this year the media is discussing the White House toilets during the Donald Trump administration because there has been an update in the reported plumbing issues. In February, there were allegations that the toilets at the famous residence didn’t always flush because they were reportedly clogged with important papers, according to Maggie Haberman’s upcoming book, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.

Now, The New York Times journalist has provided photographic evidence to Axios (see the photos HERE) that shows several wads of paper lingering at the bottom of a toilet bowl. In black marker (a favorite writing utensil of Donald Trump’s), the names “Rogers,” “Stefanik,” (referencing Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York) and the word “Where” are seen in closeup shots. There is nothing distinguishing that the white toilets are at the White House or from an alleged overseas trip, but Haberman is standing by her story. “We knew that Trump had a habit of ripping up paper and that people had to tape it back together,” she told CNN on Monday. ” … And so what was happening was White House residence staff were finding pipes were clogged with paper that they believed he had flushed … I’d had additional reporting afterwards from people confirming that Trump had indeed done this and that it happened on at least two foreign trips and in the White House throughout his presidency.”

This obviously matters “because who knows what this paper was” and they are crucial records for the National Archives. Haberman added that presidential documents “are supposed to be preserved under the Presidential Records Act, which is a Watergate-era creation.” Taylor Budowich, Donald Trump’s Director of Communications, told Axios, “You have to be pretty desperate to sell books if pictures of paper in a toilet bowl is part of your promotional plan.” However, the toilet bowl photos could also show how reckless the former president was in handling classified information, especially on the heels of the FBI search warrant at Mar-a-Lago — there seems to be a precedent here.

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More violations may be unearthed as the House Oversight Committee continues its investigation into violations of the Presidential Records Act of 1978 — and the Justice Department sorts through any evidence obtained during Monday’s Mar-a-Lago raid. It’s another post-White House chapter that Donald Trump would love to flush away.

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