Enter the Trance in Bridget Riley's Latest London Exhibition

Witnessing the work of Bridget Riley is like stepping into a trance.

Known for her brilliant optical illusions, Riley defamiliarizes the eye in a way that only the true masters of art can. In a previous statement, the London-born artist noted, ‘I am sometimes asked “What is your objective” and this I cannot truthfully answer. I work “from” something rather than “towards” something. It is a process of discovery.’ A feeling that is different for each viewer, but one in which is inspired by nature, but ultimately brought into the world on Riley’s own terms.

In her latest exhibition, titled “Past into Present,” at London’s David Zwirner Gallery, Riley includes an extension to her “Measure for Measure” dotted series of paintings, by adding a fourth color, turquoise. The series “Measure for Measure Dark” adds a subtle but powerful dimension that will only enrich as you gaze color to color, wall to wall.

Riley’s six-decade career has evolved tremendously, first from figure and semi-impressionism to pointillism and the Op-Art we famously know her by today.

Check out “Past into Present” at David Zwirner Gallery until October 2.

David Zwirner Gallery
24 Grafton Street
London, UK
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