Every Special Illustration Card Revealed From the 'Pokémon Card 151' Set So Far

Over the years, The Pokémon Company has acknowledged the everlasting love for its original 151 Pokémon by continuing to involve them in games, media, merchandise and more. For many, these creatures represent a fond part of one’s childhood and the Pokémon TCG has capitalized on this with several celebratory releases in recent years. In 2020, magician Uri Geller finally gave permission to bring the long-banned Kadabra back to the Pokémon TCG. Earlier this year, it was revealed that the Psychic-type Pokémon is finally returning to the game with a new card in the upcoming Pokémon Card 151 set that features all 151 of the original pocket monsters.

In anticipation for the set’s release in Japan next week, we’ve recapped all of the special illustration rare cards that have been revealed thus far. With over 40 secret rare cards confirmed, on top of the 165 normal cards, this collection is primed to be chock-full of beautiful artwork.

Release dates for Pokémon Card 151 have now been confirmed in both Japanese and English. Per usual, the Japanese launch takes place first on June 16 with the English release date now set for September 22. Stay tuned for a complete reveal of the collection at some point in the next week.

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