Everything we know about Service95, Dua Lipa’s exciting new curated lifestyle platform, so far

Written by Amy Beecham

Dua Lipa will be in your ears and inbox soon as she announces a new newsletter and podcast as part of her Service95 lifestyle platform.

Fed up of an email inbox that’s filled with Black Friday promo and marketing emails you’ve been meaning to unsubscribe to?

It may be time to up your inbox game with a free weekly newsletter from one of the biggest stars in the world…

Dua Lipa, multi Grammy and BRIT award winning singer-songwriter, has announced her new project, Service95, aglobal style, culture, and society concierge service created to “help the reader make sense of the world.”

It’s described as “a witty and considered curation of lists, recommendations, stories, information, thoughts, perspectives and conversations you won’t hear, see, or read everywhere else. There will be powerful articles from the world’s most compelling voices alongside savvy social commentary, laugh-out-loud features and left-of-center recommendations that will includelate-night gnoshes, little-known hotspots,up-and-coming artists,grassroots activists and the sorts of travel tips only an extensively travelled international pop star could offer.”

Lipa announced the news on Twitter, along with a two-minute video explaining the concept behind the platform and what she hopes to achieve with it.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you about this for the longest time, and now that it’s ready I hope you’ll let me guide you through some of my favourite things I’ve discovered around the world over the years,” read the caption.

Service95 is a free weekly newsletter that will cover everything from little-known hotspots to up-and-coming artists and travel tips. Service95 will serve up a considered curation of lists, recommendations, stories, information, thoughts, perspectives, and conversations you won’t hear, see, or read anywhere else.

“Powerful articles from the world’s most compelling voices will live alongside savvy social commentary, laugh-out-loud feature-writing, and left-of-center recommendations for anything from late-night snacks to the best in-flight music for long-haul trips. We’ll also be sharing the important work of activists bringing to light causes and complex world issues we should all be talking about.

“I honestly can’t wait to share the first one with you!” she added.

Dua Lipa is launching lifestyle platform Service95

The first-ever Service95 newsletter is expected to land in January 2022 and sign ups have already begun. On Instagram, the Service95 account already has over 30,000 follows, despite having just two posts.

But that’s not all. Service95’s curated content will also include a podcast,At Your Service, as asweeping companion piece to the newsletter. Get ready for deep, thoughtful conversations between Dua and a lineup of high-profile guests – “many of whom you won’t find on just any podcast,” the write up teases.

“You’ll hear frank discussions about pressing global concerns, heartwarming chats between old and new friends, and some of the most considered lists and recommendations you can imagine.

“Though a lot of my guests have done their fair share of talking, I want to go deeper with them,” Lipa explains. “Not only am I probing them about the things I’m most curious about, I’m also treating them like the experts they are.”

Definitely some exciting new content to be looking forward to for the new year. Will you be subscribing?

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