Fight Off Xenomorphs With NERF's Latest 'Aliens' M41A Pulse Blaster Replica

Classic Aliens fans will be delighted to learn that Hasbro has now created a NERF gun version of the legendary M41A Pulse Blaster from the 1986 epic, giving you the chance to join in on the fight against the Xenomorphs.

Created by NERF LMTD — the toy brand’s premium line — the new rifle accurately resembles the one used by Ellen Ripley on her mission to defeat the Alien Queen. In usual NERF fashion, the toy takes on a much more colorful theme, with its hardware mainly painted in white and yellow with occasional black striped accenting to create a sense of dangerous contrast. As to its performance, the blaster uses two different kinds of darts. The first is the Elite Dart, with can be shot out rapidly in a row, while the second Mega Dart deploys through pump-action. To make the replica even more realistic, it even comes with its own LCD dart counter, which counts the remaining darts in your 10-dart Elite dart clip.

For those interested, you can now pre-order the NERF LMTD Aliens M41A Pulse Blaster over on Hasbro’s website for $95 USD. Shipping is expected for late 2022.

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