Friends NYC's Christmas Spread Is Camp, Kitsch and Metaphorical

Indie department store Friends NYC is celebrating Christmas in the only way it knows: with fun, tongue-in-cheek humor, and irreverence.

Teaming up with the photographer Alistair Matthews, Friends NYC’s founders Mary Meyer and Emma Kadar-Penner have created an editorial that reflects their store’s vision and its overall attitude for the festive period. On a checkered table cloth, we find a dish of spaghetti turned into a candle — as if it’s being flambéed — alongside a breadstick-shaped candle, a tree ornament shaped like a stick of butter and more.

Additionally, the editorial showcases more of the company’s Christmas goods. Standouts include the surreal croissant candle, the Nissin Cup Noodle tree decoration, and a sure-to-be-hit, a Purell hand sanitizer tree ornament. Elsewhere, pasta shapes have been turned into glistening, glittery gold ornaments, as have gummy bears, mushrooms, and cans of LaCroix’s sparkling water.

Tapered candles in shades of neon green, orange, blue and more appear, rounding out what is a very kitsch Christmas indeed.

Head over to Friends NYC’s website to shop and pre-order a select range of the festive goods you see above.
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