'Fullmetal Alchemist' Live-Action Sequel Previews Edward's Fight With Scar

With the first of two live-action Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter — The Avenger Scar hitting theaters in just a little more than a week, Warner Bros. Pictures has now offered fans of the longstanding anime a glimpse at the first encounter between Scar himself and Edward Elric. Featured above, the short clip features the introduction between the two key characters in the series, with Scar attempting to disintegrate Edward’s arm before the protagonist rips off his cloak to reveal his signature automail arm. Upon learning this, Scar quickly adjusts his transmutations and subsequently disintegrates the metal at ease.

Joining Edward and Scar will be the former’s brother Alphonse Elric along with a whole host of new characters, including Lan Fan, Ling Yao, Solf. J Kimblee, King Bradley, Alex Louis Armstrong, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Van Hohenheim, Trisha Elric, Pinako Rockbell, Yuriy Rockbell, Sarah Rockbell, Selim Bradley, May Chang and Izumi Curtis. The Avenger Scar will explore the titular villain’s story arc and debut on May 20, followed by The Last Transmutation on June 24, which will conclude the entire live-action trilogy.

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