G-SHOCK’s "Caution Yellow" Collection Arrives With Striking Black and Yellow Motif

G-SHOCK’s newest collection is a cheeky nod to the brand’s renowned Carbon Core Guard structure. Coined “Caution Yellow,” the world’s toughest watch arrives in four iconic models, outfitted with an inky black case, band and strap, accented by canary yellow branding adapted from city taxis, pavement markings and tactile subway landings. The irony in the name, of course, is that these models, including the all-new GW-B5600CY-1, GA-B2100CY-1A, GA-700CY-1A and GA-100CY-1A, boast the extreme ruggedness and utility widely synonymous with G-SHOCK’s archive, from 1983 onward. Caution is but a suggestion to G-SHOCK componentry.

The color pairings complement the robust, bulky components of these watches, so if you’re fixing to put them to use in more extreme scenarios, like rock climbing, dirt biking, or, dare say, park core, they’ll make for a stylish, functional wrist piece that can take a few hits. The GA-700CY-1A and GA-100CY-1A models are great examples of honing this double entendre. The former is the bulkiest of the collection, measuring 57.5mm long and 53.4mm wide. Its front-button case design is another accent playing off the thematic black and yellow color scheme — the bright yellow stop light nestled just above the ribbed strap. The latter consolidates elements of the GA-700CY-1A into a more streamlined facade, minus the pushers and rigorously sculpted case indents. Smaller models arrive with the classic square shape of the GW-B5600CY-1 — which derives its inspiration from the 1983-era DW-5000C — and the solar-powered GA-B2100CY-1A, showcasing a slimmer band and flatter case design.

Across the board, the series is shock-resistant, featuring 20-bar water resistance, a 1/100 stopwatch and a countdown timer. Particular to the GW-B5600CY-1 and GA-B2100VY-1A are its Bluetooth connectivity using G-SHOCK’s Smartphone Link app. The GW-B5600CY-1 also incorporates radio control and a Super Illuminator LED to accommodate its smaller digital screen. Styled in the lookbook above, the collection’s striking grease-monkey-meets-bmx-enthusiast vibe is front and center, as is its statement-making appeal as a daily, functional accessory.

Browse the models in the gallery above, and dive into the collection’s nitty-gritty specs by visiting G-SHOCK’s website. Collectors can see the brand’s latest drops here.
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