Geoff Mcfetridge Collaborates With Wasted Collective on Eco-Conscious Apparel Goods

Geoff McFetridge is currently gearing up for a new solo exhibition at New York’s Half Gallery, but it isn’t the only release the artist has in store. McFetridge has partnered with fellow Los Angeles-based eco-conscious fashion label, Wasted Collective, on a capsule collection of apparel goods.

For those unfamiliar, Wasted Collective takes an uncompromising approach to creating laid back fits that leave little trace on the planet — from recyclable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping, to using various types of sustainable material, such as the 1400-year-old Japanese method of producing Washi Cotton, which uses far less land and water to produce than industry standards.

The label’s creative director, Jesse Leyva has known McFetridge for quite some time, making the collaboration all that much more natural. The artist is world-renowned for using simple amorphous shapes that break down real-world complex situations. For the capsule, McFetridge brought his artistic touch to two eco-life sustainable cotton tees, an eco-life fleece crewneck, along with a Washi cotton premium tee and the brand’s first accessory item, the six-panel Washi cap.

The collaboration follows two narratives written by the artist:


When explaining his thought process, the Canadian artist explains how he “was thinking how tasty fruits really are seed pods…often the core you throw out, hold(ing) seeds and so it relates too to waste. Something tasty, positive…can also be meaningful.”

Geoff McFetridge x Wasted Collective is now available for purchase on the brand website.

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