Google Maps Users In Europe Can Now Search For the Most Eco-Friendly Route

Google Maps users in most of Europe will now be able to ask the app for recommendations on the most eco-friendly route to take. The feature was first launched in the U.S. back in October last year but is now making its way to cover more than 40 different countries within Europe.

While the recommended route may not be the quickest way to a destination — or even the shortest way — it will be the most eco-friendly option, calculated by taking into account factors such as congestion and inclines that could affect your fuel economy and emissions. You’ll even be able to tell the app what type of car you’re driving, such as diesel, petrol, hybrid, or fully electric. The chosen input will also affect the eco-friendly routes Google Maps will suggest for you.

There’s no precise release date yet for the feature in Europe, but Google says it’ll be rolling it out over the near future.

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