GORE-TEX Releases Latest Edition to its 'Six Stories' Book Series

GORE-TEX has dominated the outdoor realm for over 40 years with its technologically advanced, patented fabric. Now, it provides holistic insights into how the brand is defined today, an understanding of its creative and technical processes as well as highlighting its relationship with global partners such as Nike, Salomon, Li-Ning, White Mountaineering and many more.

From jackets to sneakers, the innovative fabric has been utilized on a range of products over the years. GORE-TEX Products Studio: Six Stories Vol. 5 revisits its many iterations and improved models such as GORE-TEX Pro, and features behind the scenes exclusives with leading figures of the modern outdoor apparel industry, giving their take on the lasting influence of GORE-TEX and explaining the positive results of its brand solutions. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Evolution jacket, Errolson Hugh of ACRONYM and Roman Kamler of Tilak also break down the significance of that particular model and talk through the collaborative process.

Shining a light on the progression of the modern outdoor aesthetic adopted by many contemporary fashion brands, its functionality has allowed GORE-TEX to stay relevant in the performance-led outdoors community but also gain popularity amongst a fashion-driven consumer on the street.

Not only providing a retrospective look at the brand’s journey, the latest edition of the book series also touches on the ever-evolving relationship between humans and the outdoors, responsible manufacturing and the shift in wellness trends — forecasting the future for functionality from its extensive experience.

GORE-TEX Products Studio: Six Stories Vol. 5 is now available on the GORE-TEX website.

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