Hannah's Brother Just Got Involved in 'The Bachelorette' Drama About Jed's Girlfriend

By the sheer nature of its creation, The Bachelorette is meant to invoke drama, but no one seemed to expect this. Earlier this week, it was discovered that Hannah Brown’s brother follows Jed Wyatt’s girlfriend on Instagram. If you’re not in the know, the current Bachelorette is former Miss Alabama Hannah Brown, who’s found herself drawn to Nashville musician Jed Wyatt, one of her current finalists. However, as it was recently discovered, Wyatt had a girlfriend who he’d been dating for four months before jetting off to be on the ABC reality show.

Now even more information is coming out, courtesy of Wyatt’s ex, Haley Stevens. She revealed to Reality Steve hat she knew there was something going on when Brown’s brother, Patrick, started following her on Instagram. “This was before Jed even got home. Immediately, I’m like ‘Why?’ Alarms kind of start sounding, I get a little uneasy. Like, why does he know about me? Why is he following me? That just seems way too coincidental.” To make matters worse, it was later revealed to Stevens that Wyatt had cheated on her just 10 days before going with her on a romantic vacation to the Bahamas.

And even though Wyatt is a clear frontrunner to win The Bachelorette —  there are spoilers out there about the outcome of the show but I won’t include them here — it does put his entire relationship with Brown in a bad light. The news also comes a couple weeks after Brown and Wyatt’s first date where he openly admitted he went on the show to promote his singing career, a claim Stevens backs. However, despite everything that’s happened, Stevens wishes her ex the best. “I don’t blame him for falling in love with Hannah. I hope it is real.”

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