Harrods May Have Opened the World's Greatest Chocolate Hall

Harrods new chocolate hall is redefining the chocolate eating experience.

Perhaps the worlds grandest of department stores, Harrods occupies 1,000,000 square feet in Kensington and once hired a cobra to guard diamond encrusted shoes. So it only makes sense that this latest addition features an extraordinary offering of sweets and master chocolatiers giving live demonstrations.

After a four-year transformation of The Food Halls, customers can indulge themselves in some of the rarest chocolates on the planet — from Läderach, a Swiss chocolatier who has been making its own cocoa mass since 1962 — to To’ak, which is sourced and handcrafted from some of the rarest Ecuadorian cocoa beans. No chocolate experience is valid without a good drink to pair, so just cruise down the hall to Harrods Fine Wine & Spirits section where you can sample over 400 spirits and 1,400 bottles of wine.

Chocolates have long been a part of the department store’s DNA, going back to the 1870s. Harrods would go on to produce as much as 100 tonnes by the 1970s. For its latest transformation, the Chocolate Hall has been redesigned by David Collins Studio, who updated the intricate tile work by hand and complemented the Edwardian elements with a modern touch. To maintain the confectionary, each counter is climate-controlled for an optimal tasting experience.

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