Here Are 20 Extra Great BuzzFeed Comments From This Week That You Don't Need Context To Enjoy

1.This puppy training success story:

“My neighbors adopted a stray puppy who hated men and unexpected noises, and my husband and I are in the process of renovating our house with help from my father! Our house is literally on the property boundary, and we needed to access their front yard (with permission, of course!) so we became treat-givers.

Every morning we would open the window of the room we were working on, and when Lucky came over to woof at us, we would carefully throw him a treat and talk to him. Soon the barking stopped, and the scary noise window became the magic treat portal. Now, five years later, Lucky doesn’t care about the treats. He does happy donuts when he sees us and just wants butt scratches!”


2.This toasty burn:

“Since the sun ain’t roasting you, something’s got to.”


3.This call to action:

“Wait, why are the camels swimming? OMG help them!”


4.This plea to not be kept in further suspense:

“Man, I need some closure about these. Did he jerk off to his porn star cousin? Did she give away her baby to her mother? How did the throat slit great-grandma survive?”


5.This one that really needs no context to appreciate:

“Why are people so shocked when poop comes out of assholes?”


6.This very good question:

“Why did she leave them the cake? Take that shit and never look back!”


7.This accurate representation of most parent-child interactions:

“”*bursts into flames*

Mom: ’cause you always on that damn phone.”


8.This new life motto:

“Leaving dead snake skin on the fridge is honestly a power move.”


9.This awkward horror story:

“I saw my mom’s legs in the stall next to me, and reached under and grabbed her leg to ‘scare’ her. Then I hear a stranger’s voice say OH! I got out of there so fast.”


10.This lightly seasoned pun:

“Cannot “bay-leaf” this!!!”


11.This hilarious childhood memory:

“My parents cut my hair with a Flowbee. Yes, the vacuum haircutting machine. We call this my ‘Rod Stewart year.'”


12.This pure truth bomb:

“All I’m going to say is, if they want a truly accurate Little Mermaid, then Ariel doesn’t get the prince, dies, and becomes sea foam.”


13.And this other very good response to that casting controversy:

“This feels like a missed opportunity to cast an actual mermaid.”


14.This comment asking all the right questions:

“I want to know what Onion Girl did to become Onion Girl.”


15.This professional observation:

“As a PA in pathology, I’ve done at least a couple hundred autopsies and never once witnessed a body move. I can’t ever decide if that makes me disappointed or really thankful.”


16.This confession:

“I don’t know. I’m scared to order water now.”


17.This other very relatable confession:

“Is 15 wearing a different bra every day? I literally wear the same one till it shanks me in the tit!”


18.This prank idea, if you’re here for the long game:

“In red paint, write ‘I will kill again’ on a wall, then paper over it. It’ll scare the crap out of someone at some point.”


19.This comment call-out:

“Can’t believe how many people in this comment section have a superiority complex just because they floss.”


20.And finally, just this extremely wholesome comment:

“@ everyone who’s commenting that they don’t have a good relationship with their mum, guess what??? I’m your mum now. I’m proud of you all and I hope that all of you have great days today. I love you all.”


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