How Well Do You Remember "Gossip Girl"?

  1. CyrusVanyaLukasCorrect! Wrong! 

    Serena’s doorman was Vanya!

  2. It GirlGossip GirlInsideCorrect! Wrong! 

    Dan’s first novel was titled, “Inside.”

  3. 657Correct! Wrong! 

    There were 6 seasons!

  4. Sinners and Saints partyKiss on the Lips partyThe White partyCorrect! Wrong! 

    The correct answer is the “Kiss on the Lips party.”

  5. The VanderbiltsThe GatesThe KennedysCorrect! Wrong! 

    The Vanderbilts!

  6. CorneliaCeciliaCarmelaCorrect! Wrong! 

    Blair’s middle name is Cornelia!

  7. CaliforniaMilitary academyBible campCorrect! Wrong! 

    Georgina went to bible camp!

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