Inès Longevial to Unveil New Solo Show and Rizzoli Monograph

French artist Inès Longevial is set to unveil a new solo exhibition, along with her first internationally published monograph via Rizzoli.

Housed at Ketabi Bourdet, Perchée is notably inspired by Italian writer Italo Calvino’s 1959 novel, The Perched Baron. In the fictional tale, a young boy rebels against eating snail soup and climbs up a tree to live with an arboreal society for the rest of his life.

“From the primitive human who was at one with nature, what are we to make of the artificial man and woman who are now at one with situations and products?” asks Longevial. While she admittedly doesn’t necessarily have the answers to this philosophic question, the rising French painter used her latest exhibition to tinker with the light and shadow cast by branches and leaves, “in a range of colors guided by an intuitive will.” In other words, “It’s an invitation to take a step back from some extreme states.”

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Longevial is well-known for introspective self-portraiture, which she uses as a means to explore personal experiences and universal emotions through the vibrancy of color. “The aim of my work is to represent a universal femininity,” the artist previously told Hypeart.

Coinciding with her new show, which will go on view from October 12 to November 10, Rizzoli will publish a weighty linen-bound monograph on Longevial’s career thus far. Releasing on September 28, the book will include a foreword by Line Papin, as well as texts by Elise Roche and Lola Kramer.

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