Jack Fincham 'devastated' after crashing Mercedes two months after car accident

Jack Fincham was left ‘devastated’ after crashing his new Mercedes – just two months after being in a car accident.

The former Love Island star explained that a car ‘ploughed’ straight into his vehicle at a car park on Sunday.

The 29-year-old was with his ex-girlfriend Connie O’Hara at the time when police and paramedics arrived on the scene, in photos obtained by MailOnline.

Medics treated the driver of the other car, a Chrysler PT Cruiser while Jack’s car, a £35,000 Mercedes E200, showed damage to the bumper as it was towed away.

Jack was reportedly breathalysed at the scene and passed the test.

The ITV star said he was ‘upset’ and has ‘no luck’ with cars as he recalled the incident on his Instagram Stories later that day.

Jack told fans: ‘The day I’ve had… pulling into a car park to have something to eat, a Caesar salad in case anyone is interested… a car ploughed straight into my car as I indicated to go in there.

‘I do not have any luck with cars, I’m devastated, it’s a brand new car as well, I’m devastated!’

Reflecting on how bad the crash could have been, he added: ‘Thankfully no one was injured, it’s just a bit of metal at the end of the day, isn’t it?’

He added: ‘It’s all being dealt with by the police and insurance companies. I’m just upset about the car, it’s such a shame, people need to slow down on that road.

‘People do turn right, I’m devastated, absolutely devastated.’ 

The incident comes just two months after Jack – who has been linked to Laura Anderson – reportedly crashed into his friend’s parked car.

He hit the stationary Mercedes GLA in August, after being asked to leave his local pub, The Sun claimed.

His friends’ car’s exhaust and bumper were damaged in the crash but no-one was hurt, it’s been reported.

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