Jennifer Lopez's Twins Performed at Her Birthday & the Details Sound So Cute

Its been a couple days since J-Lo turned 50, but the singer’s birthday still being discussed. (It’s pretty much proof that you’re at peak celebrity). Now, it’s been revealed that Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Emme performed at their mom’s 50th birthday party, and the details sound darling.

The party was a who’s who of celebrities, including Lopez’s fiancé Alex Rodriguez ,who gifted his lady love an amazing Porsche as a birthday present. According to a source for HollywoodLife, Lopez was “thriving” at the party and hobnobbing with stars like Gloria Estefan, DJ Khaled, Pia Toscano and Fat Joe. “Khaled performed and then DJ’d the entire night. [J-Lo’s] dancers from her tour were there to celebrate, as well as several of her family members,” the source said.

At a certain point in the night, Lopez’s 11-year-old twins, Max and Emme, took to the stage and performed for their mom and her guests. “They were amazing. You could tell J-Lo was clearly touched.” The source doesn’t list what the pair sang but no doubt it was something close to their mother’s heart. (Emme has even performed with Lopez several times on the singer’s “It’s My Party” tour.) Lopez even took to the stage herself during the night, performing her song “Dinero.” As for Lopez’s ex and Emme and Max’s dad, Marc Anthony, the Latin singer wasn’t there — but the couple has remained dedicated to co-parenting, so no doubt he’s wished her a happy birthday in his own way.

A day before Lopez’s 50th birthday bash,  massive signed card was delivered from her fans at a recent Orlando tour stop. “There were some great gifts, but someone gifted Jennifer a painting of herself and it was the most talked-about gift of the evening,” the source said. After several hours of performing and canoodling with Rodriguez, the evening concluded with a massive fireworks show. Lopez posted a few pictures from the evening to her personal Instagram calling the night “a birthday to remember.”

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