Justin Bieber Teases Upcoming Tim Hortons Collaboration

Justin Bieber has officially teased a major collaboration with Tim Hortons.

The partnership is gearing up to be one of the most Canadian mashups of all time. In a recent post to Instagram, Bieber showcased a photo of himself with quintessential Tim Hortons cup. The singer’s tatted arms are seen reaching for some jewelry behind the cup. The caption read “working on something.” To further tease fans, the Canadian coffee chain commented on the photo with a heart-eye emoji, further leading fans to anticipate what is to come. Looking closely at the right of the image, fans can see a photo with an email address that reads “[email protected]” Those who have sent an email to the address will receive an automated response that reads,

“Hey there, If you’ve made it here by now, you deserve to know that something special is brewing between me and Tims in Canada and the U.S. More to come…Thanks, JB.”

The collaboration comes as no surprise as Bieber has often frequented Tim Hortons when he is back in his home country.

Take a look at the post below.

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