Kate McKinnon Pays Sweet Homage On ‘SNL’ To Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“Saturday Night Live’s” Kate McKinnon always knocked her feisty, funny tributes to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg out of the park. On Saturday night McKinnon, her hair pulled back in a bun, paid sweet homage to her late hero sitting quietly in the audience at the end of “Weekend Update,” wearing a black court gown and Ginsburg’s trademark white collar.

The camera held on her for a moment as she placed her hand on her heart and nodded before the image dissolves into a “rest in power” message.

Ginsburg died last month of cancer at the age of 87.

“For so many of us, Justice Ginsburg was a real-life superhero: a beacon of hope, a warrior for justice, a robed crusader who saved the day time and again,” McKinnon wrote after her death.

“Playing her on ‘SNL’ was a profound joy because I could always feel the overwhelming love and gratitude that the audience had for her. It was one of the great honors of my life to meet Justice Ginsburg, to shake her hand, and to thank her for her lifetime of service to this country.”



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