Latest ‘Secret Lair’ Drop Showcases ‘Fortnite’-Inspired Spells and Locations

Magic: The Gathering has unveiled two new card collections through its wildly popular time-limited Secret Lair project. For the next set of drops, Secret Lair has collaborated with Fortnite to showcase classic Magic cards reskinned with Fornite’s “unique brand of multiplayer mayhem.”

In the first drop, Secret Lair x Fortnite, Magic players can add Fortnite-inspired spells to their collection, such as Shrinking Storm, Supply Llama, Dance Battle, Crack the Vault and more.

For the second drop, Secret Lair x Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations, the set will grant players access to one of each of the basic lands in Magic, repackaged to display Fornite’s iconic locations. In addition to the famous Island, players can explore Plains, Swamp, Mountain and Forest.

While past Secret Lair drops have varied in how long they’re available for purchase, the Secret Lair x Fortnite collections will only be up on the online store for five days, beginning on July 21 and wrapping up on July 25. Non-foil cards retail for $29.99 USD, while foil sets go for $39.99 USD.

Those at San Diego Comic-Con this week can stop by Hasbro’s Wizards of the Coast booth for a fun photo opportunity.

In other toy news, Kkplus has released Mighty Jaxx’s #FR2 x A Wood Awakening figure by Juce Gace.
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