LG Unveils a Rollable Smartphone at CES 2021

Over at CES 2021, LG teased its new Rollable smartphone using two video clips bookending its press conference, but unlike TCL’s similar announcement on Monday, sources close to the Korean tech company say that it’s much more than just a concept.

The new design marks yet another milestone evolution for foldable smartphones and functions similarly to rollable OLED televisions. The device itself extends upwards to transform from a smartphone-sized display to a larger almost tablet-like display, and this is made possible presumably using a mechanism at the bottom of the phone to furl and unfurl a flexible screen.

While LG’s presentation itself made no mention of the Rollable, which left many to speculate that it could just be a concept for now, those with information regarding the project has revealed to CNETthat the company is intending to go to market with it within this year.

Elsewhere in tech, Apple’s iPhone 13 is rumored to feature a smaller top notch but thicker body overall.
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