Lois Lane Fights for Justice in a New Comic Series

Revoked White House credentials, the mysterious death of a journalist and a conspiracy to profit from the separation of migrant families at the border. This looks like a job for … Lois Lane, the Daily Planet reporter.

The character, who, like Superman and Clark Kent, first appeared in 1939, is starring in a 12-issue comic book series that begins on Wednesday. The story, written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Mike Perkins, focuses on Lois Lane as she tries to find out more about the death of Mariska Voronova, a journalist who had been critical of the Kremlin.

There was a challenge in creating a story about journalism in a word of superheroes, Rucka wrote in an email.

“It’s a story set in the DC universe, and that means there are people who fly and people who dress up as a giant bat and villains who build giant robots,” he wrote. “That’s Lois’s world.”

But Lois “has a laptop, a bunch of pencils, and a raft of notepads,” he added. “That’s more than enough to get her into deep trouble, and used effectively, more than enough to get her out of it.”

Lois Lane’s skills as a reporter have earned her at least two Pulitzer Prizes, but the creative team is not in agreement on what stories earned her the prestigious award. Rucka believes she won her first for covering the arrival of Superman, but that is often the news story that helped establish the bona fides of Clark Kent.

Perkins think Lois won her first Pulitzer before the Man of Steel’s debut. As for the second prize, “It’s never revealed for what she won her award but, really, I like to think she won her Pulitzer for her dogged determination, her pursuit of truth and her integrity of character,” he wrote in an email.

George Gustines is a senior editor. He began writing about the comic book industry in 2002. @georgegustines Facebook

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