'Love Again' Stars Sam Heughan & Priyanka Chopra Talk Dating Apps & Whether They'd Swipe Right on Nick Jonas

In Love Again, Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra’s characters have given up on love. Chopra’s Mira hasn’t dated for two years after losing her boyfriend in a tragic accident. Heughan’s Rob got dumped the night before his wedding, and hates love. He hates it so much that he tells Celine Dion, yes, the Celine Dion, that her songs about love are bull. So rude, Rob. Nobody talks to Celine like that. Love Again marks Dion’s acting debut where she plays herself. The movie also includes new music by Dion. A rom com dream soundtrack. And she’s not the only musician making an appearance. Chopra’s husband, Nick Jonas drops in for a short but memorable cameo. Heughan and Chopra sat down exclusively with SheKnows to talk all about love, relationships and online dating. Watch the exclusive video to find out what is the one thing in relationships neither Heughan nor Chopra approves of.

Rob and Mira meet by chance in the film. Well, sort of. Chopra’s character starts sending sad texts to her late boyfriend’s cell phone, whose number now belongs to, you guessed it, Rob, who is given a new work phone. Rob is down in the dumps for most of the movie. But being dumped before your wedding causes that condition so he gets a pass. Until he’s rude to Celine Dion. Without saying too much, Rob meets Mira without telling her that he’s receiving her texts. Heughan and Chopra decided to weigh in on how they would handle that type of lie. Heughan says immediately, “You gotta be honest,” in relationships. He asks Chopra what she thinks, “Would you think Celine’s about to kill you?” referring to how Dion plays into Rob and Mira’s story. Chopra quickly says, “I’m not a fan of lying. Lies and deceit, and you know betrayal…and gas lighting. All those things are awful things.” In the words of Shakira, “Hips don’t lie,” and neither does Priyanka. Lies don’t fly in Chopra town.

When Mira’s sister puts her on a dating app, and she matches with a body builder, played by Nick Jonas. Chopra told us how relieved she was when her husband agreed to do the cameo. And what a cameo it is! In the spirit of online dating, we showed Chopra and Heughan some iconic gifs and asked them to either swipe right or left as their characters. The gifs were of their co-stars, Jonas and Dion, each other and Heughan’s Outlander character Jamie Fraser. When Jonas pops on screen, Chopra yells, “Right! Right! Right!” She seems biased. Heughan laughs, “That’s not Rob’s type I’m afraid.” When a picture of Chopra wearing a ball dress pops up, Heughan immediately says, “Oh that’s a right!” And Chopra says, “Swipe right!” Did Priyanka Chopra just swipe right on herself. Yes, she did. When Dion rocking some 1980s sunglasses pops up, they both yell, “Swipe right!”

Next up in the dating game, Jamie Fraser, Heughan’s Outlander alter ego throwing some hay. “I’d swipe right for that,” Chopra confesses. A little roll in the Jamie Fraser hay? Heughan, though, is not impressed. “He’s a bit rugged, wearing a skirt, I’m not sure,” Heughan says. And when we ask if he just swiped left on himself? “Maybe, he’s ginger.” Heughan replies. Apparently, Sam Heughan does not want to date Jamie Fraser. You heard it here first. It’s probably better this way. I think we all know though, that Jamie Fraser only has eyes for one person, and it isn’t Heughan. Insert Claire Fraser here. When a gif of Jamie Fraser chopping down a tree with an axe pops up, Heughan remains unimpressed and says, “I think he’s missing the tree,” while a mesmerized Chopra says, “Wow… I love the hair Sam.” To see Heughan’s reaction, you’ll have to watch the video.


Love Again is playing now in theaters. Heughan and co-star Caitríona Balfe return in Outlander on June 16th, while Chopra and Richard Madden are streaming on Amazon in Citadel each week.

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