‘Mare of Easttown’ takes both supporting actor awards for limited series.

“Mare of Easttown” was one of the buzziest limited series of the year, and it received 16 Emmy nominations, including for best limited or anthology series. Thus far Sunday night, the HBO crime drama has already claimed both supporting acting awards for a limited or anthology series or movie.

Julianne Nicholson won best supporting actress for her heartbreaking role as Lori, the best friend of the main character, Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet, also nominated, for best actress). Nicholson delivered a heartfelt speech that referenced recent world events, including the Texas abortion ban and the U.S. military’s withdrawal from the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

“I owe this to you,” Nicholson said, “and all the ladies out there in Philadelphia, in Kabul, in Texas or anywhere who are struggling sometimes, finding it hard to be happy sometimes, understanding that life can be a lot sometimes, but never stopping, never losing hope never giving up.”

Evan Peters also won a supporting actor award, for his performance as Detective Colin Zabel. Both he and Nicholson were first-time nominees.

“This is a dream come true for me tonight,” a visibly shocked Peters said.

The series, which garnered praise for the way it nailed the look, feel, sound and salty attitude of the people of Delaware County, Pa., became appointment viewing last spring. Although the series was initially billed as a single-season affair, there has been talk of a Season 2 after the overwhelming response to the first.

“I think if we could ever crack a story that was as emotional and surprising, then I think maybe there’s a conversation,” the creator, Brad Ingelsby, told Esquire last month. “I mean, listen, I love Mare. If we could ever give her a great season, I would certainly consider it.

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