Medicom Toy Reworks 1950 Vintage 'Peanuts' Figures

Medicom Toy is set to debut a reissue version of the vintage Peanuts soft vinyl figures.

First released in the 1950s, the collection features Snoopy and Charlie Brown, who are both popular in the world of vintage collecting. This iteration is a faithful reproduction of the original with slight updates — Snoopy‘s collar has been updated from black to red, while Charlie Brown‘s T-shirt has been transformed from red to orange. As Snoopy has been a NASA mascot since the ’60s, the Japanese toymaker has also reworked the astronaut Snoopy with a spacesuit coated in silver instead of white.

Priced between $65 and $123 USD, the Medicom Snoopy and Charlie Brown Reprint Figures will be available on October 30 at select retailers like TOKION E-STORE.

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