Medicom Toy's Newest [email protected] Is a Cyclops From a Special 'Simpsons' Episode

Medicom Toy has teamed with The Simpsons for a [email protected] depicting the cyclops from episode 14 of the show’s 13th season, originally aired in 2002.

Titled “Tales from the Public Domain,” the episode is a loose adaptation of the ancient Greek epic poem The Odyssey, where Homer Simpson takes on the role of Odysseus and encounters a giant cyclops — this [email protected] is a nod to that cyclops. It features one large eye, a horn, blue hair and a big belly, complemented by brown pants and a pair of gray boots. Other details like crusty skin tags and wrinkles on the back offer an accurate depiction of this distinctive character.

The Simpsons and Medicom Toy’s Cyclops [email protected] is currently available in sizes of 100% and 400% on MCT Tokyo’s website for ¥1,135 JPY (approximately $10 USD).

In case you missed it, this pre-owned KAWS x Medicom Toy [email protected] from 2005 is currently selling for $24,000 USD.
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