Meghan Markle’s Podcast Just Had a Major Win That Proves Her Influence Is Going Strong

For the second week in a row, Meghan Markle‘s new podcast, Archetypes, has risen to the top of Spotify’s charts, ranked No. 1 in five countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and Australia. Today saw Joe Rogan’s controversial yet extremely popular The Joe Rogan Experience reclaim the top seat in the United States and The Ranveer Show assert itself as No. 1 in India, but prior to the minor shuffle in rankings, Markle had also claimed No. 1 status in those countries as well.

Although she routinely comes under fire from UK media and the royal family itself, Markle’s sensational success within the first two weeks of Archetypes proves the public is interested in the Duchess of Sussex more than ever. Comparisons between Markle and her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, are made frequently as well, as both royal women seem to be adored by the public yet despised by the royal machine and its loyal followers.

Echoing the sentiment that the people want to know more about the American Duchess, the world is currently abuzz with the revelations Markle has shared thus far on the podcast, which has the royal family quaking in their crowns.

Hosted and executive produced by the Duchess, Archetypes aims to “dissect, explore, and subvert the labels that try to hold women back.” For her inaugural episode, she chatted with tennis superstar Serena Williams about ambition and the challenges mothers face in today’s world. Music icon Mariah Carey was Markle’s guest for her second episode, during which the duo chatted at length about the juxtaposing connotations of the label “diva.” Her third episode, which will air on Tuesday, September 6, will see writer, actor, and director Mindy Kaling as its guest for a continued discussion on society’s habit of labeling women.

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