Michelle Obama Gently Reminds Jenna Bush Hager That Racism Is Not Surprising For Black Women

After Meghan Markle’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in which she revealed severe mental health struggles and racist conversations within the royal family about Archie’s skin color, many commended Oprah’s instantly iconic reactions to Meghan’s particularly startling confessions (and many more memed them). But the commentary wasn’t one about the authenticity with which emotion plays on Oprah’s face: it was about her masterful choice to help guide and translate the emotion of the viewer. Tweets commending Oprah on pretending to be shocked about claims of racism within the royal family made the rounds nearly as quickly as the images of her shocked face — and former First Lady Michelle Obama seems to have signaled that there’s truth to this theory in her Today interview with Jenna Bush Hager. Asked to address Meghan and Oprah’s conversation and the allegations of racism within it, Obama expressed her sadness, of course, but she also confirmed that racism is not the shocking surprise it’s sometimes made out to be.

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