'MTV Cribs' Returns With a Tour of Big Sean’s California Digs Complete With Private Nightclub

Announced last month, MTV Cribs has made its official return on Wednesday night with its first episode starring Big Sean and his California home. The Detroit 2 rapper previously opened up his home to viewers through a tour on Architectural Digest back in May.

Cribs originally debuted in 2000 which was the OG home tour series that offered a look into wild abodes of celebrities and their collections of some of the most random items you may not think to actually house.

Sean’s digs open up to airy cream interiors with light wooden floors and a custom art piece that commemorates his 2015 collaboration with Kanye West and John Legend, “One Man Can Change the World.”

“It’s a song I wrote about my grandma,” explains Sean. “My grandma was a real g. She’s sadly not with us here today but she was definitely somebody who was worth paying respect to.”

The home houses seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms with 11,000 square feet of living space. In contrast with his zen living space, the California native created his own underground club which is privy to lucky guests. No phones and cameras are allowed in the area as informed by the entrance sign.

“When I bought the house, Slash had this whole club down here and they were like, ‘You can turn this into whatever you want,’” Sean echos. “I’m like, bro, you fucking kidding me? This is Slash’s club!”

Watch the revival of MTV Cribs every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. EDT with replays of old episodes on Paramount+ and through the MTV website.

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