Over 2 Decades Later, Tia Mowry Reminisces About Sister, Sister and "Those Hats"

The nosy neighbor, the polar-opposite parents, the hats: it’s been 25 years since Sister, Sister first aired, and for many people who grew up in the ’90s, it’s still easy to conjure up memories about the unconventional family sitcom. During a recent Today show appearance, Tia Mowry reminisced about the show and what it was like to work with her twin sister, which she described as a “dream.” She added, “It never really felt like work, it just felt like an extended slumber party.”

As zany and far-fetched as some episodes may have seemed, Mowry said storylines were often directly inspired by their real-life escapades. “We would sit down with the producers and the writers, and we would tell them how our Summer was. We would tell them what we were going through, whether that was dating or prom — stuff that we were struggling with as teenager girls — and then they would turn them into storylines,” she said, adding, “I wish we would’ve gotten producer credit for that. I’m older now!”

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