Pharrell Williams makes 114 students happy with guaranteed internships

Happy singer Pharrell Williams has just made 114 people happy.

The graduates of Promise Academy’s two high schools in Harlem in New York have received guarantees of summer internships at the end of their first year of college studies next year.

Williams, 46, who made the pledge in a keynote speech last week, said: “The world is watching Harlem, but this renaissance will be different. It’s going to actually be better. The reason is that the new Harlem renaissance has education at its core.”

The Hollywood Reporter said the singer-producer will tap his connections to open more doors for the students.

They already have a headstart in life, with the Academy providing free high-quality education, from kindergarten through 12th grade, for its 2,000-strong enrolment.

Williams’ generous gesture adds to what he has already done, with his own foundation hosting summer camps for disadvantaged youth and tying up with other entities to boost technology access in under-funded schools.

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