Plane passengers ‘grossed out’ by woman’s solution to lying down to sleep

Having a decent snooze while on a flight is notoriously difficult.

Unless, of course, you're living your best life in Business Class.

There's the fact you can't properly stretch out, your fellow passengers are cramping your style, the noise, light and aggressive air conditioning.

So can you really blame one traveller for seeking a bed on the floor during a flight?

Actually, apparently you can – at least, according to comments on a photo shared to the passengershaming Instagram account.

In the image, we see one of the fliers lying across a row of three seats.

As for his travelling companion, they're seen lying on the floor below him, trying to catch some 'zzzs'.

Followers of the account were horrified, especially as some believed it was a woman lying in the footwell.

"What's more obvious for me here is the fact the guy is on the comfier seats and the girl is on the floor!"

But mostly it was the cleanliness aspect which horrified people the most.

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