Prince William & Kate Middleton Have Reportedly ‘Formed a Tight Bond’ With These Royal Family Members

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Members of the royal family have endured quite a lot of change over the course of the last few years. Through it all, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have maintained a stiff upper lip as they take the House of Windsor into a new era. But the Prince and Princess of Wales are reportedly relying on a significant couple in the family for support, and we were a bit surprised when we discovered who they are.

According to royal family expert Jennie Bond, William and Kate have grown a lot closer to Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie, William’s paternal uncle and aunt. “Sometimes it seems strange to realize that these are two different generations of royals as they seem much closer,” Bond told OK! Magazine via Marie Claire. “But, especially after all that has happened — not only with the Queen’s death but with Harry and Meghan leaving and Andrew getting ‘sacked’ — the two couples have formed a tight bond,” she said.

“I think William and Catherine feel they can confide in Edward and Sophie and there are so few people a royal can entrust with their thoughts and feelings.” Indeed, William and Kate’s inner circle must be so much more tightly knit with all the changes the couple has seen over the last few years. Even all the events involving Harry and Meghan, Prince Andrew, and the late Queen Elizabeth II have surely left an impact on William and Kate in such a way that they might only be able to share those thoughts and feelings with close family — like Edward and Sophie.

Edward was just 18 years old when Prince William was born. It’s a fairly similar age gap to the one Edward shares with William’s father, The Duke of Edinburgh’s brother King Charles III, who is 15 years older than Prince Edward. As fellow active royals and as family, Edward and Sophie are surely filling a space in the minds and hearts of William and Kate they might not have before.

The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor — the Truth and the Turmoil by Tina Brown

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