r/WallStreetBets Takes Its Meme Stock Discussions to Psy's "Gangnam Style" YouTube Comment Section

With yesterday’s failure from content delivery network (CDN) service Fastly, leaving a lot of big websites in the dark, Reddit conspiracies have begun floating around the internet explaining the ulterior reasons for the offline servers.

As many r/WallStreetBets users are pointing towards another massive short squeeze for the meme stocks (like GME/AMC) the community has reason to believe that the outage had something to do with the short-selling Citadel hedge fund which is part owner of Fastly. And in true Reddit fashion, a backup plan was initiated — conduct all r/WallStreetBets discussions on Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” YouTube music video page. The logic behind this is that if Reddit gets taken down or blocked, YouTube would never take down one of the most popular music videos with over four billion views.

Now, if you go to the music video’s comment section, it is full of r/WallStreetBets comments like, “the fact that we’re all here so quickly after Reddit goes down. i love you guys” and “Funny how we knew they would take down Reddit so we had a whole emergency plan drawn up months in advance. Its NO COINCIDENCE that reddit went down at the exact moment of the crash.”

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