Razer Updates the Kishi V2 Mobile Controller With iPhone Support

After dropping the V2 generation of Kishi mobile gaming controllers for Android systems earlier this summer, Razer has now followed up with its iPhone variant for those on Apple iOS platforms. Just like its Android counterpart, the updated version of the Kishi controller can slide together in a compact form factor when not being used and expands outwards to open up a cavity for your iPhone when engaged.

The port has been switched to the Lightning interface for iOS support and you’ll find all the same features on the device, including two analog thumbsticks with clickable buttons, a mechanically-clicking D-pad, two triggers and two bumpers, the regular ABXY buttons, menu and options buttons, a share button, two programmable multifunction buttons, and a dedicated button to pull up Razer’s new Nexus app. The entire package weighs just 123 grams and is compatible with all iPhone models dating back to the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE’s first and second generations.

For those interested, the new Razer Kishi V2 for iPhones is now available for $100 USD.

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