After releasing an official Disney Kermit the Frog Plush for the 10th-anniversary of The Muppets, READYMADE has now returned to announce the release of its latest take on its FROGMAN plush.

Measuring in at a total length of 125 cm, the “SHEETS BIG FROGMAN” is an oversized plush constructed of classic comic book bedsheets. Featuring illustrated scenes of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, the vintage upcycled material features natural distressing and makes each creation unique. The sheet material used lends a soft touch and provides a collage-like design to the Kermit-inspired figure.

Priced at ¥77,000 JPY (approximately $675 USD), the READYMADE “SHEETS BIG FROGMAN” is set to release at Maxfield LA and Deepinsideinc December 25.

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