Relic Entertainment and SEGA Announce 'Company of Heroes 3'

Eight years after its last installment, Relic Entertainment and SEGA have finally announced Company of Heroes 3.

Returning to World War II, the upcoming sequel will bring the fight over to the Mediterranean, giving fans a real-time strategy take on the Allied invasion of Italy following its occupation by Nazi Germany. As you’d expect, much of the gameplay retains its original style with control over infantry squads and tanks but there’ll also be new mechanics, such as the introduction of a pause button in the single-player campaign which allows players to stop mid-game and queue commands for any units under your control, similar to that of the Total War franchise, another IP owned by SEGA.

For fans of the franchise, Company of Heroes 3 will arrive in late 2022. Stay tuned for more updates to come.

Elsewhere in gaming, the PlayStation 5 exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo has now been delayed until 2022.
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