Revealed: The former reality star hoping to woo The Bachelor

A former The Block NZ contestant is lining up for love in the new series of The Bachelor.
Niki Osborne was on the reality TV building show five years ago and is now aiming to win the heart of SOL3 MIO singer Moses Mackay, who was announced as the Bachelor last week.

Osborne has much more than just hammer and nail tales to tell Mackay.

The former Blockette grieved the end of a 10-year relationship, lived in Hollywood, studied bloodstain pattern analysis and other forensic sciences, completed two post-docs, presented forensic research to the FBI, and helped to overturn the conviction of someone wrongfully imprisoned for murder.

She also knows a bit about weddings — she is a celebrant who has married more than 20 couples.

“When I first saw him, I thought ‘this kid has confidence’. He was super smiley and chatty and gave off an ‘I’m a performer’ vibe,” she says.

“I gifted the Mo-man a heart-shaped rose quartz — the stone of universal love. It’s said to open the heart to encourage trust, harmony, intuition and unconditional love. But, most importantly, it meant that I could partake in pun-life (my favourite pastime) and say, ‘will you accept this rose quartz?’.”

Osborne is among 18 bachelorettes in the new season of the show starting on March 2. MacKay, co-host of Flava’s breakfast show, was recognised instantly by the women hoping to win his heart — most knew him from his music, whereas others remembered his time, shirtless, on Celebrity Treasure Island in 2019.

Mackay took a long time to come out of a serious relationship and is looking forward to dating again.

Spy can also reveal an actress and a lover of dance are among those who will take up residence in the bachelorette mansion.

Solicitor by day, samba dancer by night Shivani Meera Pragji was delighted when she saw Mackay waiting for her at the mansion and says she loved his big grin and energy.
Pragji presented the Bachelor with a pineapple.

“It’s my take on ‘don’t show up empty-handed’. Basically, one day I thought, what’s the most fun and inconvenient thing I can bring to someone’s house and have been doing it ever since, much to my mother’s dismay,” she says.

Pragji is hoping her love of samba fits with Mackay’s groove.

“I found samba when I was 16kg heavier and didn’t love my body. Samba has been a huge part of me finding body confidence. It’s something about the drums that brings me so much joy and energy. I’ve just recovered from a gnarly toe injury which happened a year ago, so am super excited to get back into it. Dancing is my biggest passion and hiking is my greatest love and both have been huge factors in my body positivity journey.”

Actress and company director Sabby Jey has worked both in the New Zealand and the Tamil Film Industry in India and decided to come in hot and spicy, giving the Bachelor some green chillies to see if he could handle her cooking.

“My first impression of Moses is he looked rather suave and really liked the pair of fake glasses he was wearing,” says Jay.

Jay has also modelled internationally. Her highlight was Beijing Fashion Week and she modelled beautiful couture on the Great Wall of China.

Spy can reveal three other bachelorettes who were just as taken with Mackay. Digital marketer Steph Kennard, fashionista and real estate agent Amanda Page and client services manager Devaney Davis all say MacKay chilled out their nerves.
Davis says she was shaking so much she probably looked as if she was having a seizure when she met him.

“I didn’t have any idea on what to expect but seeing Moses standing there so calm and collected made me feel somewhat at ease,” she says, adding he was not her usual type but loved how relaxed he made her.

Page designed a white and gold sash and put it around Mackay’s neck saying ‘SOLD by Amanda Page’ – “claiming him as mine, like I do with my listings,” she says.
Lastly, Kennard threw the deck at the Bachelor.

“I gave him a pack of cards with a king of hearts on top and said ‘I bloody love playing cards and if you play yours right you could be the king of my heart,” she says.

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