Sam Wallace’s terrifying encounter with kitesurfer

Coast host Sam Wallace has shared the hair-raising moment a kitesurfer came within a few feet of his young son as the pair strolled on a breezy beach near their North Shore home.

Video shared by the radio star shows a kitesurfer flying along the water’s surface at speed, before a gust of winds sends him soaring into the air – and just over the head of his young son Brando.

“Just a casual walk down the peninsula,” Wallace wrote alongside the video, “and some wizard blew our minds!”

Young Brando was visibly delighted by the spectacle, staring at the airborne display in rapture before running to share the experience with his equally-impressed dad.

“Omgosh that was close,” a fan wrote online.

Others described the stunt and “epic” and “pure excitement”.

But some weren’t so sure, with one claiming the stunt was “very dangerous”.

“So is walking down the street, or driving your car,” a detractor noted, writing that the joy on Brando’s face was “priceless”.

It’s been a big year for Wallace and his growing family, as he and fiancee Sarah Bowman welcomed twins Cosette and Siena in January.

The girls arrived safely but prematurely and Wallace has admitted that there were some “ups and downs” after the birth.

“One of the girls started to lose a little bit of weight which meant we had to introduce some tube feeding which has done the trick.

“The girls are doing amazingly well,” he said in January.

Wallace also admitted this year that telling then apart was a challenge at first.

“If they are both in front of me, it is easier because of the difference in size,” he told NZ Woman’s Weekly in March.

“Sienna is smaller and her features are more dainty. Cosette is a bit more rounded. Although it is getting harder now that Sienna is starting to catch up to Cosette. It was much more obvious when they were first born. But if I’ve just got one and someone asks which one it is, half the time I have no idea.”

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