Sega of America Faces $5 Million USD Lawsuit for Rigged 'Key Master' Arcade Game

Arcade crane games or also known as claw machines are notorious for feeling rigged and frustrating to beat, but now Sega of America is facing a $5 million dollar lawsuit based on accusations for its Key Master game intentionally preventing users from winning.

In comparison to regular crane games, Key Master has the user guiding a large key-shaped arm into a keyhole to unveil a prize.

Filed by an undisclosed plaintiff, the lawsuit claims that the game is deliberately calibrated in order for players to lose a certain number of attempts before actually being able to win. Key Master has been advertised as a skill game rather than a luck-based game, therefore the plaintiff accused Sega of deceiving users.

As per the Key Master Instruction Manual, the machines have a functionality called Compulsory Upper Deviation — despite a player’s accuracy, the machine will move the arm between 0.4 to 3.6 millimeters up in order for it to not fit before it’s ready for a user to win. The machine’s default is set to 700 failed attempts and after which it will then unlock a prize.

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