Seth Meyers Exposes The Apparent Tension At Fox News Over COVID-19 Vaccines

Fox News can’t seem to make up its mind on which narrative to tell about COVID-19 vaccines so “Late Night” host Seth Meyers ridiculed the conservative network Wednesday for its haphazard messaging.

Some Fox News hosts have been up in arms claiming that President Joe Biden had not thanked his predecessor Donald Trump for Operation Warp Speed, which sought to accelerate the development and distribution of vaccines. (Biden actually did credit the Trump administration for its efforts when he received his shot in December.)

At the same time, personalities on the network have been peddling vaccine skepticism and sowing doubt about the safety and efficacy of the three approved immunizations being rolled out under the Biden administration.

“There seems to be some tension at Fox over whether Trump deserves credit for this miraculous medical breakthrough that will save the world or whether the vaccines are actually part of a sinister plot to do something bad,” Meyers said. “It’s not clear what.”

Check out his roast below:


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