Sideshow Unveils Its Robert Pattinson Batman Premium Format Figure

In celebration of San Diego Comic Con, Sideshow Collectibles has now unveiled its latest Premium Format Figure of Robert Pattinson‘s Batman. Depicting the Dark Knight on his motorcycle, the figure captures Pattinson’s character in extreme detail, from the Bat symbol on his chest and his iconic gauntlets to his shoulder armor and all the pouches on his utility belt. He’s also posed dynamically with one foot down on the ground while the rest of his body is sitting on the bike, making the entire scene more exciting.

While we’re not quite sure exactly what material the figure is made of, Sideshow confirms that it’s a mixed media piece, featuring a flowing faux leather cape on his back with wiring so you can position it however you wish. The bike itself is also painstakingly re-created to match its movie appearance as much as possible, as the company said that it managed to gain access to some of the design files from the film itself, allowing the team to build a virtually identical bike.

If you’re interested in getting hold of Sideshow’s new Batman Premium Format Figure, you can sign up for more updates over on the company’s website.

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