Sideswipe: February 23: Another name for your crisper drawer

More glitches in the matrix stuff

“So I work for a joinery company and was delivering a load to a construction site about an hour away from work, and whenever I’m out and about, I just play Reddit compilation videos through my headphones. I was about eight minutes listening to a video when in the middle of the town at a red light, with a bad feeling of deja vu, the video started buffering. I thought it was odd since I had good reception but was just going to wait it out. The light went green, and the video played just long enough to say the word “wait” and started buffering again. I couldn’t see anything at all, the road was clear, but I thought I’d listen, looked left, then right again and there was a massive semi at speed that appeared out of nowhere and ran the red light. It would have taken out the driver’s side of the cab, and I’d have been toast if I didn’t wait. Definitely reminded me of my own mortality.”

Some people will do anything for social media attention

A young Ukrainian couple decided to really put their relationship to the test by linking their hands together with a thick iron chain for three months. This year, Alexander and Viktoria, a young couple from Ukraine, decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a bit differently. On February 14, they traveled to Kiev to have their hands chained and sealed together by a representative of the country’s national register of records. Their goal is to literally be next to each other every moment for the next three months. That includes sleeping, showering together and, obviously, even going to the toilet together. The young pair said that they are confident they can last the three months chained together, but if they decide to call it quits before reaching their goal, they’ll need someone to cut the chain off with a special cutting tool. The chain was welded by an actual welder.

Household Surrealism


1. My colleague (she’s 25) thought the name Geoff was pronounced GEE-OFF and had been calling a contractor that for two years.
2. Thought the phrase prima donna was pre-Madonna. As if she was such a pioneer and megastar that she redefined what it meant to be a demanding idol with super-diva personality.
3. I remember thinking the weather presenter on TV got to decide what the weather would be like and never understood why they’d pick clouds and rain.
4. I thought Ringo Starr was famous for narrating Thomas the Tank engine.

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