Sideswipe: July 20: A sign of hope in Rotorua

“The Te Ngae road in Rotorua has been the subject of major roadworks for more than nine months. It is chaotic, full of road signs, diversions, dust and traffic snarl ups. However, in the midst of all this, there is one sign which gives us all some hope!”

Women dating the same guy become mates

Morgan Tabor, 21, tells the Washington Post she’d been with her 20-year-old boyfriend on and off for a few years when she started getting a weird feeling in December about some of his comments to other women on social media. When Tabor looked at one of those women’s Instagram pages, she made a shocking discovery: lots of photos of her boyfriend with that other woman. Further digging led to the revelation he’d been dating at least six others. After the three of the women swapped stories, they dumped their communal boyfriend, starting talking and texting, and hit it off. That’s when they decided to fulfill a dream their ex had had: to travel around the US. The women bought a 30-year-old school bus, and spent months converting it for their trip. They are currently somewhere were somewhere near Yellowstone.

Ambitious load

Phil writes: “Last Thursday, Point Chevalier Rd. Just to be clear: that’s a huge pile of crap, with a fridge on top of it and a sofa on top of the fridge, and more crap on top of the sofa. He stopped in the median strip with hazards on, to do some shopping at the dairy. Just one single tie-down.”

Back in the day

An amusing incident (says the New Zealand Times) occurred in connection with Mr Buchanan’s banquet at Carterton last Saturday, when a conscientious doorkeeper refused admittance to Mr Scobie Mackenzie, M.H.R., who arrived on the scene unarmed with a ticket of admission. Mr Mackenzie is alleged to have said — “Don’t you know who I am? I am Mr Scobie Mackenzie, and I have come to speak at this banquet.” The doorkeeper’s reply was shortly as follows — “Well, I don’t know you from a bar of soap, and you don’t get in without a ticket.” Somebody came to the rescue just then, and the senior member for Dunedin city was passed in. (The Press, December 8, 1897 Via Second Glance History

Got this shirt for $5 …

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