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Chorus girl slang from the 1940s and 1950s

Blast: A drink. As in, “What’ll it be? A small blast or a large blast?”
Cream cheese: “A fresh, beautiful young girl.”
Endsville: “When a gal gets away from
all this madness and marries and has a fine home.”
Give me a bell: Call me.
He’s ill: “He’s an incurable night-lifer. Home is not where he hangs his hat but where he’d hang himself if he had to go there.”
Idget: “An idiot, junior grade.”
Iron: “A big rich auto.” Also known as “a nice piece of tin”.
Revolving Eyeballs: A guy who “drools at the practically undressed pretties”.
Seppo: “A guy separated; he and wife are in ‘Splitsville’.”

Faces in things

Muddying the news

A German reporter has been suspended from her TV station after smearing herself with mud before broadcasting from a flooded town. Susanna Ohlen, who works for RTL’s Good Morning Germany programme, said she had been helping with clean-up efforts in the days preceding the broadcast but felt ashamed to be neat as a pin on camera while reporting from a mud-covered street, the BBC reports. She can be seen in a video shot by a bystander bending over, putting her hands into the mud, and touching her clothes and face. The video, not part of the broadcast, was shot by a bystander. “Our reporter’s approach clearly contradicts journalistic principles and our own standards,” RTL wrote in a statement. Ohlen had been reporting on the aftermath of devastating flooding that killed more than 200 people in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Best buy a safe to keep in

Kids make better words

Andrew’s kid calls Franklin Rd the tree tunnel road; a catamaran in Fiji is a trampoline boat; and birthday cakes are known as fire cake.

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