Takashi Murakami Releases Special Edition Prints With Mr. Hosakawa

Takashi Murakami recently shared a post on Instagram unveiling two new signed print editions made in collaboration with the artist and fashion designer, Mr. Hosakawa. Both works were initially inspired by graphic clothing released by Japan-based label Saint Michael. The first piece portrays the famed Japanese artist’s popular MURAKAMI ensemble with three faces while the other graphic depicts Murakami’s The Child artwork with “Jesus” lettering underneath it.

“Though both designs are iconic, ‘The Child’ in particular will make those that are in the know grin, for it was inspired by a vintage sweatshirt with a famous American work printed on it,” said Tonari no Zingaro in an Instagram caption. “The other one titled ‘MURAKAMI’ is from the three-dimensional piece introduced back in 2016, during the “Takashi Murakami: The 500 Arhats” exhibition. Some may already be familiar with it.”

Both prints will be available this January 12 8 p.m. JST on Tonari no Zingaro’s official online store.

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